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DEMARLE, Flexipan Mini Ondulo

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Unique shapes and textures is a great way to bring customers into your bakery. Sasa Demarle has created the Mini-Ondulos Flexipan, perfect for baking mini-cheesecakes! The Mini-Ondulos Flexipan is a beautifully curved oval shape with a settle indent. The 20 mm deep pit is the perfect space for a light filling or small decorations. Consider filling the Mini-Ondulos Flexipan with fresh fruit, chocolate candies or a whipped mouse. Sasa Demarle's Flexipans are pristine in their designs but do not limit a chefs creativity. Crafted from fiberglass and food grade silicone, the Mini-Ondulos Flexipan is exceptionally non-sticky, allowing pastries to be released easily and quickly. Pastry chefs understand the convenience of non-stick pans, when pastries do not release from molds and pans it destroys the dessert. This is not only incredibly frustrating but harms business, taking away time and money. The Mini-Ondulos Flexipan insures your pastries will be crafted into flawless unique shapes, sure to make a statement.


  • Model: FP 1190
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fiberglass / Food Grade Silicone
  • Dimensions of Mold: 1.37" x 1.93" x 0.75"D
  • Dimensions of Pan: 18" x 26"
  • Capacity: Vol. 0.68 oz. (18 ml)
  • Makes: 50 Indents