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Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork Cutters, Pat.Cutter - Patchwork Square

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About this product:

- This set comes with a square grid embosser, eight individual patterned squares and a lace strip.

- The patterned can be placed onto the pre-embossed side of cakes or can be used to make a blanket for bed cakes.

- Size:  ±12.5cm x 7.5cm


1. On a lightly greased non-stick board roll out the paste thinly, do not lift the paste when rolling out, this will create a firm contact with the board and prevent the paste from sticking into the cutter.

2. Grease the cutter with vegetable shortening and place onto the the paste, press firmly. Remove the cutter.

3. Remove the surplus paste.

4. Lift the cut out shape onto a dusting surface. Laminated paper is ideal as it can be siped down aster use and re-used again.The paste will also stick to itpreventing the piece from moving when colouring.

5. Dust in your chosen colours and paint fine details.

6. Lift the piece onto either a support to dry, or directly on the cake, or onto a pre-embossed outline.


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