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Semai 100% Cacao Shards, Chocolate Drink For Good Health

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Cacao Chocolate Drink For Good Health

From The Wild Jungles Of Malaysia

The Kuna people of Panama do not suffer from Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Diabetes.

They also drink up to 40 cups of home-grown cacao chocolate drink a week.

What’s the correlation between the Kuna people and cacao?

The truth is, studies carried out by Dr. Hollenberg shows:

“In addition to not getting high blood pressure, Dr. Hollenberg also discovered that the Kuna Indians living on the San Blas Islands didn’t get diabetes, heart disease, or cancer either.  Their lifespan was even much longer.  In fact, his studies showed that the Kuna Indians living on the islands were 4 times less likely to get diabetes, 15 times less likely to get heart disease, and 19 times less likely to get cancer compared to those living on the Panama mainland.”

With the introduction of our Semai 100% Cacao Shards, Malaysians can now also consume home-grown and pure hot chocolate to maintain good health.

The Semai 100% Cacao Shards is cacao home-grown by the Semai people of central Pahang. And it is The ONLY 100% Single Origin Chocolate Drink from the wild jungles of Malaysia.


✅ Slows down aging effects

✅ Energy boosting superfood

✅ Natural mood elevator

✅ Improves heart health

✅ Improves brain function

✅ Improves digestive health

✅ Balances hormonal mood swings


✅ 14 gms of fibre

✅ 80% RDA for Iron

✅ 70% RDA for magnesium

✅ 100% RDA for copper

✅ 120% RDA for manganese

✅ Rich source of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium

✅ Rich source of Phenyl Ethlamines as a mood enhancer

✅ Rich source of Epicatechin - a powerful antioxidant

Suggested Serving Methods

1. Hot Chocolate Drink

Add 20-40 gm of SEMAI 100% & 20-40 gm of honey to 130-200 gm of hot milk

2. Espresso Style Hot Chocolate Drink

Add 20-40 gm of SEMAI 100% with 70-100 gm of hot water

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