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(Bundle Pack) Dreidoppel, Pastarom Gel Neutral- Jelly Powder (100gm) x 3

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Glaze & Jelly Powder

Pastarom Gel Neutral

Crystal clear and fine powdered for making glaze and jelly.

For the perfect glaze coating of fruit cakes, desserts, pastries made from yeast dough, Danish pastries and lots more; just mix 50 g of Pastarom Gel Neutral with 250 g sugar and 1 liter water and/or juice.

Benefits of Pastarom Gel Neutral

  • Clear finish
  • High gloss surface give attractive appearance
  • Fast and easy
  • Economical

Dosage: 50 g of PASTAROM Gel Neutral, 250 g sugar, 1 liter water and/or juice

Packing: 100 grams

Brand: DREIDOPPEL (Germany)



Water, 150 g

Sugar, 270 g

Glucose, 280 g

Condensed milk, 200 g

White couverture, 200 g

Gelatine solution, 150 g (125 g water + 25 g gelatin powder)

Dreidoppel flavour paste, 50 - 70 g

Working Method:

  1. Boil water, sugar and glucose to 103°C. Combine it with condense milk, white couverture and gelatin solution.
  2. Hand blender and emulsify.
  3. Keep it chill and use by heading up to about 50°C and pour over cakes.



Water. 1000 g

Pastarom Gel Neutral, 50 g

Sugar, 250 g

DREIDOPPEL flavour Paste, 30 - 50 g

Working Method:

1. In a sauce pan, combine water and Dreidoppel Flavour Paste. Boil it.

2. Then, mix the sugar with the Dreidoppel Pastarom Gel Neutral and pour into the boiling water. Allow to boil for 1 minute.

3. Pour the boiled mixture into dessert cup and allow to set in fridge.


Bundle Packing (100gm x 3)