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PastryPro, Pinak India, Frosting Sheet (Icing Image) For Cakes And Cupcakes, Halal, A3, 1box

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Edible Printing Sugar Sheet, Icing Sheet, Frosting Sheet 

Printable sugar sheets for food, cake and cupcake decoration.

Size: A3


Sugar, corn starch, potato starch, liquid glucose, gelatin, glycerine, cellulose, titanium dioxide, emulsifier & flavour, (Non-GMD starch)


1) Moisture sensitive product - absorbs moisture from air and cream

2) Do not bend


Store the sheets packed in a COOL & DRY place. 

Keep and the sheets in its original packaging at all times when not in use.

Handling : 

1. The printed sheet must be kept at 20-24°C in a plastic bag, preferably a sealable bag.

2. To remove the printed frosting sheet, please refer to the attached video below. Avoid peeling it like a sticker, as the moisture and heat from fingers can cause the sugar to melt and result in tearing.

3. If find the frosting sheet too soft and difficult to separate from the plastic sheet, place it in the chiller for 2 minutes before proceeding with the peeling process.

Proper Peeling Video (Shorts)


Size: A3

Packing: 1 box x 25 sheets

Pinak India

Distributed by Pastry Pro